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What Are Biomarkers?

A biomarker which is a term short for biological marker, is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a measure of some biological condition or state. Biomarkers can be all sorts of biological elements, molecules, hormones, or other readings that doctors and other wellness professionals can use to prescribe medicine, recommend treatments, or give you advice based on the current condition of your body.

Examples Of Biomarkers

There’s technically no real limit to what constitutes a biomarker. So long as the element, molecule, or cell provides some medical information, it can qualify as a biomarker. Most biomarkers are safe and easy to measure, cost-efficient to follow up on, modifiable with treatment (so a doctor can see if a treatment works), and consistent across ethnic and gender groups. But some common examples include:
• Hormones
• Cardiovascular Health
• Anti-Aging
• Micronutrient and long term vitamin levels
• Cancer cells
• Proteins
• Genes, missing genes, or extra copies of genes
• Certain types of molecules like antioxidants
• Food molecules
• Vitamins
• Minerals