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Botox, Filler, Collagen Peptide, Vampire Facial (PRP), PRP Hair Loss


Smiling, smirking, frowning, and other expressions can sketch wrinkles and lines into your face. Botox and other wrinkle reducers such as Dysport® and Xeomin® temporarily halt the muscle movements that cause dynamic wrinkles and lines to form on your face.

These injectables contain small amounts of the botulinum toxin. They are FDA-approved and have been used by millions of people in the US and around the world.

Filler (Lip, Cheeks, Nasolabial)

Dermal fillers are compounds containing hyaluronic acid, a natural compound that restores volume and fullness to your face and also diminishes facial lines. Hyaluronic acid attracts water and maintains your skin’s water volume, so you achieve the look of greater hydration and fullness almost immediately.

Dermal fillers can be used in the following areas: Lips, Cheeks, Jawline, Chin, Under Eye, Temples, and Hands.

Collagen Peptide

Collagen peptides are very small pieces of protein from animal collagen. Collagen is one of the materials that makes up cartilage, bone, and skin.

Vampire Facial (PRP)

A vampire facial is a skincare treatment that involves drawing the patient’s blood, isolating the platelets in it, then applying the resulting substance onto the patient’s face.


Microneedling is a procedure that uses fine needles to create tiny pricks in the outermost layer of the skin. This process triggers the skin’s natural wound healing reaction, so old cells slough off, and you create new cells more quickly.

Microneedling also increases the production of collagen and elastin—compounds that make your skin smooth, firm, and strong.

Acupuncture Facial

Botox Armpits (For Sweating)

PRP Hair Loss