Ada H

Dr. Joe is great! Always trying to get to the root of your chronic ailments. I had to take some expensive jewelry off to get my X-rays done and I completely forgot and waltzed out of the office. The staff found it and tracked me down and kept it in a safe until I was

Francesca J

I could not have gotten through my third trimester without him. I’m a nurse and had started getting sciatica which was interfering with my job. I started coming every week to see him and the pain went away. He also worked with me when my financial situation became less than ideal so that I could

Kayla M

Dr. Caraccilo is the best chiropractor in the game!! I’ve had chronic back pain since I can remember and no matter how many doctors I visited, no one was able to fix my back, neck, and shoulder problems like he was. I feel like a new person, who’s able to exercise and move my body

Tracy H

I have been seeing Dr. Caraccilo for many years. He is warm and caring and worried about your whole self, always asking the right questions and listening intently. I visit regularly for B12 shots, vitamin infusions, back adjustments and massages. Although my insurance does not cover most of these things, Dr. Caraccilo’s office is eager

Carla G

Recommended 100%! After two chiropractic sessions with Dr. Joe, my entire body feels much better! All the tension in my neck, upper back, and shoulders is gone. Thanks to the CBD cream and the ultrasound hit. Also, I did the vitamin B12 shots, as a vegan, it’s so important to have this. But Dr. Joe

Liam T

Dr. Joe is truly amazing. Not only is he genuinely a great person, but a magical healer and physical condition solver. I am always happy to catch up with him in person, get in his office and feel 100% better. I am thankful for his humble help and professionalism toward my well-being.

Mei Li Zheng

This was my first time going to the chiropractor ever. I had a chiropractic healing session w Reiki and it was amazing. Dr. Joe did a fantastic job. I loved the holistic and spiritual ambiance of everything. I definitely am going to visit again. It doesn’t take very long at all to make you feel


I saw Dr Joe today for my chronic lower back pain and I had a fantastic experience. Dr Joe is highly competent and I appreciate his holistic approach to medicine and treating patients. He was highly attentive in evaluating my condition and applied traumeel trigger shots, cbd sono and other chiro adjustments that I think

Audra H

Had a chiropractic healing session with Reiki with Dr. Joe Caraccilo and I feel very much relaxed and content afterwards. We did some breathing exercises with crystals and essential oils and he said my heart/throat chakras were unbalanced AKA the rulers of relationships and communications, which makes sense considering I am dealing with some emotional

Sviatlana Lukashenia

I had an ultrasonic CBD treatment with Dr. Joe for my sprained ankle. It really helped with the pain. The space is very clean and spacious. My temperature was measured before the visit. I felt very safe there during current corona virus risk. The staff is very pleasant. I came back for an IV vitamin

Ирина Степаненко

First time visiting chiropractic doctor in my life. I felt like new born after Dr. Joe session. This is no jokes. Space is wonderful. Doesn’t give a sense of clinic at all more like a spot for meditations and spiritual growth. Thanks!

Jonelle Alert

Overall professional and quality experience. Feeling balanced after my alignment, reiki, treatment and ultrasound treatment with CBD. Really helped my scoliosis. Will definitely go back!

Aaron Mak

Dr. Joe is the best! I’ve been going to him for a few months now and he was able to help me with my back and neck pain. They just opened back up recently and are following strict COVID guidelines to ensure that their patients are still able to come in to get the treatments

Rob Quadrino

dr Joe has been my go to chiropractor and guide to wellness for years now and I have missed these last few months due to COVID. So happy to be back In My groove and thrilled to see that all precautions are being taken at his office. Masks and sanitizing are very important to me


Dr. Joe is very professional, easy to talk to and definitely great! During the covid-19, he is great with taking the contactless temperature, putting the mask on full time and sanitizing everything after the treatment. The nurse Scarlett is super sweet and friendly as well! 🙂 and my SERIOUS back pain has definitely gotten much


This was my first time going to a chiropractor and I was a little nervous tbh, but Dr joe and his staff was great and so professional. I already made my second appointment. Highly recommend!

Grace Mulcahy

Fantastic experience! Dr. Joe is extremely knowledgeable and the adjustment felt great. Also super clean and safe environment since Covid – face masks, hand sanitizer, not crowded office.

Michelle Seager

Dr Joe is incredible – highly recommend! I genuinely look forward to seeing him once a week. He takes a holistic approach to treating injuries – usually involving multiple techniques- and his adjustments are quick and direct. As others have noted, his office is very relaxing and inviting. He also makes scheduling simple and never

Cynthia G. Vallejo

Dr. Joe and his staff are great. The office is kept exceptionally clean and consistently exceeds my expectations in regards to sanitation

Jasmine Robinson

I was suffering from excruciating lower back pain for months to the point where I could hardly walk let alone sit down… Dr Joe agreed to see me in East Hampton at the beginning of May.. he ensured all the correct COVID-19 guidelines were in place and I felt very safe… due to the pandemic

Frank Barone

Dr Joe is a great Chiropractor! He really takes the time to understand where your body needs to be adjusted and uses really helpful, modern techniques to make you feel better. I appreciate his holistic approach. I highly recommend him! Also, the aesthetic of the office is calm and pleasing.

Marisa Silber

Dr. Joe is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I love his holistic approach. The office is clean and comfortable. I look forward to each visit and feel so much better after. Highly recommend.


Very grateful for Dr. Joe, i came to him with scoliosis and he was straight away very passionate about helping me get better. Explained everything clearly in a very relaxing and clean space. Will continue seeing Dr. Joe.

Christian Savino

Great atmosphere and passionate staff members. Dr. Joe worked with me and was very supportive in my recover process. His treatment process is a well-thought out plan to get you back to 100%.

Ariel Han

I have been dealing with a lot of back pain for the last two month due to my work and poor posture etc.after one treatment I felt so so much better, for the next couple of days I have been feeling very relaxed in my muscles. I was really skeptical about this kind of treatment,

Danielle Kendrick

I had a great experience with Dr. Joe and his team at a Space for wellness. Dr. Joe has helped me tremendously with recovering from a back injury. His use of CBD ultrasound has been so helpful. He also introduced me to IV vitamin drips. I felt such an increase in energy the following days

Haley Snyder

Dr.joe was very informative of the various techniques he used. It was my first time having any reiki done and I highly recommend it. The space was clean and very inviting as well. Overall great experience and I will be back.

Feras Alhabib

Going to see Dr Joe weekly has been something I look forward to. Great space with a great vibe and I always feel relaxed after a quick session with him. Highly recommended and conveniently located in Union Square.

Beata Komoni

I had an amazing experience here. I loved all the details in their space and how they explained everything so thoroughly. I received a b12 shot, which was so quick and painless, definitely coming back for more. The adjustments and back alignment were the best I’ve ever had. Also had reiki done here, he was

Erica Lim

Dr. Joe is great! Super friendly and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my lower back pain after just a few weeks. Highly recommend

Olivia Huang

Cannot stress how amazing this experience was!!!! The office was incredibly inviting and professional — just an overall good energy as soon as I walked in. At the end of my treatment, Dr. Joe mentioned any energy blockages he sensed, as well as tips on how to clear them which I really appreciated. I love

emily demarchelier

I’ve been seeing dr Joe for some shoulder issues. He’s attentive and efficient and kind. Great vibe in the office. I had a very pleasant experience and will for sure keep coming back and send friends!

Paula Montes Pastor

BEST EXPERIENCE! . I never thought that going to the chiropractor was going to be so RELAXING , fun and relieving . Dr Reiki is very professional , dedicated and friendly. You can tell from the moment he touches your back that he knows what he is doing. I was having a fairly strong back

Dustin Duke

Dr Joe always leaves me better off than when I walk in. I try and see him weekly. His office is modern and very unlike other chiro offices I’ve been to in the city. I like the reiki touch as well. Highly recommend Dr Joe.

Teddy Maithai

Over the past 2 months Dr Joe has helped me with a ski injury on my shoulders using various techniques like CBD ultrasound. The place has fantastic facility with many fun equipments to heal you. Dr Joe’s a really nice and knowledgeable person who gets to know you as soon as you enter the place.

Kylie Nakao

I had an incredible experience at SPACE for Wellness with Dr. Joe and his team. The office is very spacious, modern, clean and calming. I have never had a vitamin drop before the process was seamless and I felt amazing energy after. I will definitely be back again to try many other the other treatments


I’ve had a lot of trouble with chiropractors in the past and had come to the conclusion that my neck pain would be an ongoing burden until I met Dr. Joe. I was blown away during my first visit by his mastery and ability to immediately see where my pain was coming from and how

Ritta Kelly

I had such a lovely holistic chiropractic experience! I learned about new techniques as well as doing the usual procedures I’m familiar with. I heavily suggest him to anyone looking for a great chiropractor and experience!

Sohyoung Park

Highly recommended Dr. Joe. I had pain in my left shoulder and lower back. The natural herb shots that released tension on muscles are very effective. It immediately reduce pain. Now I’m seeing him every week, I feel much better.

Brittney Sharaun

Visiting Dr Joe at Space for Wellness was exactly what I needed! After my visit I felt so much better and still do! I had the full package and received a B12 shot, CBD Ultrasound, Chiropractic care and Reiki! I slept so good the night after receiving the B12 shot and continue to have heightened

Maya Tuffin

Just had a chiropractic healing session with reiki and I feel amazing! Dr. Joe was so great at listening to what has been bothering me and left my back and whole body feeling rejuvenated and tension free. Would definitely recommend to anyone struggling with back pain or in need of any sort of realignment!

georgia wang

The place is really nice. I have neck pain all the time so Dr. Joe recommend CBD ultrasound therapy. I also tried chiropractic and traumeel trigger point therapy. All the cream and oil is natural and the treatments are relaxing and painless. Highly recommend!

Ari Fredman

Wow! I had never been to a chiropractor before and now I’m hooked! Dr Joe Caraccilo is amazing and made me feel very comfortable and when it came time to realign my back I wasn’t nervous at all. But it’s so much more than just that because Space For Wellness has many other alternative therapies

Marine Muller

First time doing chiropractic session with reiki. It felt so good I’ll definitely come back for more.

Greta Rolli

I had the pleasure of having Dr Joe Caraccilo adjust me and having a series of healing treatments. Everything he recommended gave me immediate relief and relaxation. I would highly recommend coming here if you suffer with back and neck pain especially!!

Ani Garza

This was supposed to be my first chiropractic healing session with reiki but Dr. Joe went above and beyond! Before the session, he told me I had a lot of trigger point in my lower back and offered the traumeel trigger point therapy, a plant based injection that helps with pain, as well as a

Francesco Cipollone

Dr. Caraccilo is undoubtedly a master at what he does. It was evident from the moment I entered his office all the way to the hours and days after my visit. It was my first visit to a chiropractor and my first experience with IV vitamin drip therapy and trigger point injections. It was important

Jake McFadden

Joe and his team are fantastic. The facility is top notch, and they provide countless in house services. I have had chronic back pain since I was a teenager. They got me in for an MRI, results the next day, and I was in the day after that to begin treatment. HIghly recommended.


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