Jasmine Robinson


I was suffering from excruciating lower back pain for months to the point where I could hardly walk let alone sit down… Dr Joe agreed to see me in East Hampton at the beginning of May.. he ensured all the correct COVID-19 guidelines were in place and I felt very safe… due to the pandemic I could only go once a week but now 10 Weeks later I am pain free and can finally touch my toes (almost) … Dr Joe is a true miracle worker and knew exactly what the problem was… he is not like your average chiropractor he is so much more! He used electro therapy, CBD ultra sound, reiki and of course adjustments… I also have daily exercises to ensure I keep my back and posture strong!!! I am forever grateful and as soon as he returns from Manhattan in August I will resume my sessions with him… thank you Dr Joe HURRY BACK PLEASE!!!!

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