Shiatsu Stretching with Snow


Shiatsu Stretching

Balance the body, mind, and energy

SHIATSU facilitates the smooth flow of qi energy throughout the body to achieve the equilibrium of the body and mind. Having been an apprentice to legendary Master Ohashi, who first introduced Shiatsu to the people in the US, and still maintaining a close relationship with him, Shiatsu is the closest to Snow’s heart.

Meet Snow

The snow was born in the famous snow country in Japan. In her traditional family, a blind masseuse made regular house calls to give acupuncture and anma massage sessions to her family members whenever they didn’t feel well. She was intrigued to see his diagnosis through pulse and touch, as well as his treatment. “How could he know what is wrong with us? How could he help us feel better with needles and hands?” Snow’s genuine wonder about healing with hands has remained with her, as well as her memory of the warmth of the masseuse’s hands

Educated in both Japan and the US, Snow has been searching for a way to help other people to make a difference in their lives and to help make the world a better place. She’s found that she can be most helpful to other people through the gift of her hands to relieve pain and stress.

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