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It’s no doubt that we work hard to ensure our bodies are healthy and fit. For most of us, summer is the time we go all out– we are working out extra hard to get that beach body perfected. Ironically, as we focus on strengthening our bodies we can lose sight of maintaining the very muscle that gives us the physical appearance we are striving for. It sounds counterintuitive, but we can overwork our muscles with unnecessary weight, uncontrolled pace and/or improper form. Unintentionally, we may do more harm than good; we create excessive strain on our bodies resulting in injuries and therefore we don’t feel or look as good as we expected after an intense workout.

While we exercise, tears are created in the muscle which causes us to be sore. Under proper technique, the small tears that form are restored by our body’s immune system quickly and in turn make our muscles stronger. But when we overestimate our muscle’s capabilities and overwork them, we induce large tears that result in excessive and prolonged inflammation. Excess inflammation can lead to knots and a tense or strained feeling in the muscle. Furthermore, failure to maintain proper form at a controlled pace while exercising can compress your nerves; this will lead to additional discomfort and painful muscle spasms.

It is important to listen to your body while you work out, don’t overestimate your capabilities. In addition to not overworking your muscles, there are methods to make you look and feel your absolute best not just in the summer but throughout the whole year. In addition to not overworking your muscles, there are methods to make you look and feel your absolute best. First, drink plenty of water every day and consume even more on days you work out. You can also hydrate by eating fruits and veggies that have high water content such as cucumber, watermelon, celery and cabbage. Maintain a consistent intake of electrolytes including calcium, potassium and magnesium – the can be achieved through plant-based supplements or IV vitamin therapy. Restrict inflammatory foods such as red meat, eggs, dairy and processed foods. Daily stretching, movement and meditation plus a good night’s sleep will also ensure your body is operating at an optimal level.

At SPAce for wellness, we offer a variety of therapies designed to not only treat exercise related injuries but also help you look and feel your best. You can maintain a summer body all year round with treatments such as CBD ultrasound therapyTraumeel trigger point injections and vitamin IV drip therapy – please visit the links to read more.


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