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Hooked on NAD+

Everything you need to know

What is NAD+ ?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme found in every cell in your body and is responsible for maintaining cell health. NAD+ levels decrease during the process of chronological aging, this decline impaires many critical physiologic processes, resulting in various illnesses and disease conditions.

Who can take NAD+ ? Anyone can benefit from NAD+ supplementation. We use NAD+ or substances like NMN and resveratrol that increase NAD+ levels almost every day. It helps with regulating sleep cycles, decreases inflammation in the body, increases our energy and is important for Cardiovascular health.

How can I increase my NAD+ Levels ? Fasting, exercising and even eating certain foods are all-natural ways to increase NAD+. Adding NAD+ supplements into your routine is also a beneficial way to enhance the cellular levels you need.

Is NAD+ safe? NAD+ IVs have been safely used for decades. Since NAD+ (nicotinamide) is related to niacin (vitamin B3), it is considered non-toxic and safe for oral and IV use.


*No reported contraindications/precautions for NAD+ injection are currently reported. Individuals with known allergy to NAD+ injection should not use this product.Due to this lack of safety data research , pregnant women,women who are breastfeeding and children should avoid NAD+ injection.