CBD Ultrasound Is a Medically Backed Way to Release Your Bodily Pain


Yes, we’ve all heard that CBD is great for easing anxiety and helping you sleep better at night—but did you also know that when you use it topically, it has the power to ease almost all of your bodily aches and pains? At Space for Wellness, we are taking CBD use to the next level by pairing it with medically backed Therapeutic Ultrasound.

What is Therapeutic Ultrasound?

Therapeutic Ultrasound is different from Diagnostic Ultrasound (or sonogram that’s used during pregnancy).

In this case, it’s a non-invasive way to send medications below the skin’s surface to break down scar tissue, relax muscles, accelerate healing, and stimulate blood flow.

It’s a treatment that’s great for those who wish to stay away from needles, and is commonly used in the medical world to ease pain and heal muscle injury. Typically, you could see this type of Ultrasound being used in conjunction with cortisone cream in lieu of cortisone shots—but we have been loving the beneficial results we’ve been seeing with medical-grade CBD.

Why is the Ultrasound + CBD combination so effective?

CBD cream has been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce your body’s overall susceptibility to experiencing muscle + joint pain, and aid in wound healing.

When applied topically, the CBD is able to work itself into the superficial layers of your skin—but when used in conjunction with a Therapeutic Ultrasound machine, the CBD is able to penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface for stronger and longer-lasting relief.

The treatment itself only takes a few minutes when working with muscle tension, but when you are working to breakdown scar tissue, the treatment may last a little longer.

Why is it important to see a professional rather than trying to slather yourself in CBD at home?

So many patients come in for treatment to address pain in a specific area—and what they don’t know is that the area they think is causing the problem isn’t the problem at all.

For example: Someone will come in with neck pain + tension headaches, thinking that the cause of the problem is in their neck—however the root cause of their pain may stem from tension in their back and shoulders.

A medical professional works to address the root causes of your bodily pain to bring you back into a place of comfort and alignment within your body with a bird’s eye view of how your body operates and how to get you feeling your best.

Comment with any questions you have below, or email us at drjoe@spaceforwellness.com. We love to create custom packages to ensure you get the best treatment for what you body needs—and do what we can to help create more time and more space for wellness in your life.

Dr. Joe Caraccilo


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